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Chair’s Annual Report 2021 -2022

The past year has, for many in and around the village, been a difficult period, with Covid continuing to play a role in cancellation of events, however the past few months has seen a relaxation of the rules which has meant we were able to recommence work on projects in and around the village in groups.   Parish Council Meeting have returned too to the committee room on a face to face basis.

A change in Parish Clerk took place in January with Catriona Saxton being welcomed into the role and proving already to be a real asset.   Belinda Kalka, the previous clerk has left due to other work commitments however she is still helping with handover which has made for a smooth transition.

Reed Pond

There is now a formalised committee and a constitution for the group has been drawn up which will enable fundraising activities.  Currently the group are working on a management plan which will inform future works with help from specialists.   Volunteer days have already taken place to lay natural materials onto the footpath, crown trees and to remove non native and invasive plants to allow more light and to encourage flora and fauna.  


We have worked closely over the past year with Gedling Borough Council who have done a great job (along with our own John Hutton) to monitor and keep the trash screens in the stream clear at both Park Lane and Dam Yard.  Leaky dams have been installed too by Trent Rivers Trust.  This combination over the past year has meant that flooding has been kept at bay.    Commitment has been gained from Nottinghamshire County Council to replace the flood grates in the stream at Park Lane an at Dam Yard with designs which will manage water flows more reliably without blocking, and these are to be installed in the next few months.

Village Maintenance

The Church Yard volunteers (headed by Katja Watmore and Julie Gregory), have done a fabulous job in clearing and maintaining the church yard.  An agreement is now in place for mowing with Nottinghamshire County Council four times each year, however we have also made a commitment as a Parish Council to mow periodically in between to ensure the church yard stays tidy.   An anonymous donation was made towards the cost of this for the first year (thank you to whoever you are).

Cemetery/Bridle Path off Park Lane : a barrier has been installed on the approach to the cemetery car park since we were aware of anti social behaviour in cars late at night.   The bench seating has recently been repaired and refurbished and should now last for many years.     Work will shortly commence to tidy around the existing graves in the cemetery in a measured and respectful manner, since natural growth is overwhelming some of the monuments.   

Play Park.  The boundary fence has been supported using braces under the ground since slippage was threatening to make the playground area unsafe.  Repairs have been made to the surface and replacement of some of the equipment, however we are aware that there is likely to be more work to do on here due to it’s age, and fundraising is being planned accordingly.


The Village Show took place on 10th September and was combined with the Fun Day.   A substantial sum was raised and split between the Reed Pond and the School.    It is hoped that a similar event can take place this year.

Finally a thank you.  To each and every one of the Parish Councillors, various committee members and each and every volunteer who gives their time so generously.    

Dawn Edwards